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May 25, 2021

It used to be that ring lights were the hidden tool amongst high-end video productions. But these days, with the advent of TikTok, they’re now commonplace. And ring lights are a go-to means for many wanting to upgrade their lighting or production quality.


May 23, 2021

Background music and sound effects can dramatically impact a production. And together, they play a crucial role in how your audience perceives the emotion, mood, and story throughout a scene. It also sets the tone of the film and inspires its style.


May 21, 2021

Smartphone photography has taken off in recent years, and the hardware backing most devices has evolved tremendously. Every year, smartphones debut with more lenses, pushing higher megapixels and resolutions, along with AI-based features and even multi-camera setups.

May 20, 2021

Camera sliders ensure you capture smooth footage every time with a compelling edge and finesse that creates impact in your videos. And they unlock a variety of angles, pans, and movements that are sure to impress viewers.


May 18, 2021

Today’s smartphones are substantially improved when it comes to stabilizing video, with the advent of Optical Image Stabilization (O.IS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (E.IS). But, even the slightest shake at the wrong moment can ruin a perfectly good video.